Introducing the Social Media Ambassadors of #FAMxParis May 31-June 1st, 2018

Doctors 2.0 & You is delighted to introduce the international Social Media Ambassador team of FAMx Paris, the first international conference devoted to reverse innovation in healthcare. FAMx Paris will be held  on May 31st and June 1, 2018 at UNESCO headquarters, with the support of the French Ministry of Solidarities and Health, and thanks to a cooperation between the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine and Doctors 2.0 & You.

The Social Media Ambassador team hailing from Paris, Geneva, and Cardiff,  will be  communicating highlights of the conference before, during and after.  You are invited to follow them on social media.

Angela Hin, Healthcare Consultant and Imagine Science Films Coordinator

The future belongs to those who understand it and FAMx Paris will help answer: How will reverse innovation shape tomorrows healthcare system?  Innovation in healthcare is not only being sought out by governments and pharmaceutical companies that are adapting their strategies, but also new players such as the numerous sprouting startups and the tech/distribution giants. I would recommend professionals working in healthcare, as well as students, to attend this conference. This event will inspire you through the high-quality speakers covering in two days a large scope (from being patient centric, the use and implication of e-health, to the reality of medical deserts) and will let you reflect on how to build the future of healthcare.”

Angela Hin, Social Media Ambassador for FAMx Paris – Twitter: @angela_hin



Franck Schneider, Digital Communication, Geneva University Hospitals

I am very excited to participate as a Social Media Ambassador in this first cooperation between Doctors 2.0 & You and the French Foundation of the Academy of Medicine. The program of FAMxParis will bring new and original ideas to bear on health innovation for patients. The selection of speakers is quite unique. Plus, we get to meet start-ups that are interested in expanding to the BRIC and similar countries. As a longterm member of the Doctors 2.0 & You community, I know that this cooperation will be very successful.”

Franck Schneider, Social Media Ambassador for FAMx Paris – Twitter : @fksc_





Danielle Siari

Danielle Siarri, RN Nurse Informatics, Publisher Inno Nurse, Advisor Ammende.Info

“As a nurse informatics specialist, it is my pleasure to be a Social Media Ambassador (SMA) and collaborate with Doctors 2.0 & You as well as the French Foundation of the Academy of Medicine. The SMA role consists of disseminating information on health technology solutions from a global perspective. Nurses are educators bringing value to patient care. The calling of a nurse informaticist is to build a bridge between health and technology. Nursing informatics translates the concepts of telemedicine, mobile devices, and mhealth to create a shared wisdom among colleagues and patients.”

       Danielle Siarri,  Social Media Ambassador for FAMx Paris – Twitter : @innonurse




Alan Thomas, Ataxia and Me, Wales


” An enthusiastic member of the Doctors 2.0 & You community, I am very honoured to be Social Media Ambasador at FAMx Paris, a future-oriented health conference devoted to

reverse innovation. I am very keen for the patient to be interacting within the health arena. As a patient with Ataxia, awareness of this rare disease, indeed any health condition, is paramount.  Allowing the world to follow progress via is a perfect example of contributing to the digital future from the patient perspective.”

Alan Thomas, Social Media Ambassador for FAMx Paris – Twitter: @ataxiaandme



“And finally, I am delighted to be the “super-ambassador” for FAMx Paris, heading up the Doctors 2.0 & You collaboration with the Foundation of the Academy of Medicine. We are planning an extraordinary event for you all with international speakers,  thought-provoking start-up demos,  exciting networking, and more.”

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You can sign up here directly for FAMx Paris or read up more first.