Join Doctors 2.0 Social Media and Ataxia Ambassador, Alan Thomas at #FAMxParis

A great guest blogpost in view of FAMxParis, from Doctors 2.0 & You Social Media Ambassador Alan Thomas @ataxiaandme

I know the importance of a health system that involves connected health. Living in a rural village (population of approx. 20) in Wales and having a rare Neurological condition (Ataxia, that affects Balance, Speech and co-ordination) the lack of specific treatment means a 14-hour round train journey often for a 20 minute appointment!

We cross borders,  for example, for contacts with doctors. And every time we do this,  we take in new data, and innovation may take place.

Crossing borders can be physical, geographical or psychological or even a “Reverse in mindset” to allow Innovation to take place

The Internet has increased the interaction within the health community and as the population increases,  the health community  expands at a rapid pace, demanding NEW ideas with potential for a fully Holistic approach to Digital Health.We can see more and more people from all over Europe and worldwide with a passion in the future of Health via Social Media and electronic platforms and communications with a keen interest in innovation within the health community.

This story of an unconnected healthcare system, is all too often “vented” and Health is a fair part of the equation in solving this issue. With this in mind I have established a patient group with the Health issue firmly woven into the development of this social media based platform.

To me, this is one of the most perfect opportunities for “reverse Innovation” for  “Health” :  “virtual appointments” which could be utilised with constraints,  with some collaboration, interaction and innovation between all concerned, all around the globe.

We all hear about personalised medicine but this can only happen with a total interaction between healthcare professionals and the patient; for personalised medicine to work, we need a practical, connected system enabling the sharing of information between the different involved parties.

Come along on May 31st and June 1st Paris time,  via #FAMxParis on Twitter. There will be plenty of  “live” tweeting  –so that FamxParis can be followed by non-attendees from around the Globe, from the delegates at this prestigious event, plus the on-site Social Media ambassadors.

Come along with me, @alanROYGBIV, Founder of  @ataxiaandme  a  group for Ataxia / Rare disease patients “patients helping patients helping pharma” via the use of the internet, to enhance the future of Health.


Please join us for #FamXParis – you know it makes sense !!


#AlanEveryWhere  @ataxiaandme