Pivoting Doctors 2.0 & You #doctors20

FAMxParis intervenants

PIVOTING Doctors 2.0 & You from stand-alone event to integrated activities for other conferences

FAMxParis intervenants

The new Doctors 2.0 partnered with FAMx to create a start-up challenge and host the event.

We launched Doctors 2.0 & You in 2011, as a stand-alone event in Paris, just about the time of the first medical rush for the iPad.  It seems a million years ago: physicians were discovering that the iPad could fit in their white coat pockets, there was yet no Google Glass, no talk of blockchain, patient-includedness had not been invented.

On the event front, none of the existing eHealth conferences ticked all the boxes: they didn’t invite all healthcare stakeholders and especially patients as both participants and speakers; none had a global, multicultural perspective, and finally, their programs spoke more about the promise of eHealth than practical achievements.

Doctors 2.0 & You was patient-included, presented the latest digital trends thanks to amazing keynote speakers and panels; we had a strong online presence, the start-up contest, partnerships with amazing organizations.

So why did we pivot?

The name Doctors 2.0 & You symbolizes our inviting all of healthcare to join together to work on the patient-professional relationship, while integrating digital health tools.  However, professionals, patients, and policymakers typically go to their own events. And if you want to make an important announcement, it’s better to do so that at the annual gathering of a specialty.

And as the number of  eHealth, connected health, digital health events increased, all suffering from a lack of the components that Doctors 2.0 & You could bring to them,  one day, the light bulb came on. Why doesn’t Doctors 2.0 & You bring to interested conferences the kind of sessions and demos that they are missing?


meskoDr Berci Mesko, The Medical Futurist, agrees:

As a keynote speaker at six editions of Doctors 2.0 & You, I experienced firsthand the innovative and impactful digital health programs organized by Denise Silber, an outstanding speaker and someone who really cares about people. The Doctors 2.0 & You « conference in a conference » is an excellent way to spread digital health beyond the geeks.



How can we help your health and medical congress become more patient-included, integrate digital health sessions, propose exciting animations…?

Doctors 2.0 & You and our international online community are ready to help!

With our new positioning and our first partners, FAMx Paris, May 31-June 1, we are more set than ever to extend our mission and message for the good of patients everywhere.




Denise Silber