Interview of Denise Silber at #FrontiersHealth #FH19 #VirtualReality #VR

Denise Silber interview

Thank you Pharma Comms for the very professional video execution of this interview with Denise Silber.

‘Denise Silber, the founder of Doctors 2.0 Event Consultancy, sat down with during the Frontiers Health 2019 Conference in Berlin to discuss the opportunities she see’s for the healthcare industry to become more holistic in it’s approach to patient-centricity.

Denise Silber is the founder of Doctors 2.0 Event Consultancy, who work closely with healthcare and medical events to make their content more cutting edge and engaging through digital health topics, patient keynotes, start-up challenges. Denise is also preparing the launch of VRForHealth, with a co-founder, a resource for VR Therapy for phobias, depression, and rehabilitation.’