Wrapup of #ICPIC2019 + Vanessa Carter patient keynote

Denise and Vanessa together
Denise and Vanessa together

   Denise Silber and Vanessa Carter

As 2019 draws to a close, let us remember an important milestone achieved this year by  ICPIC, the International Conference of Prevention and Infection Control founded by Prof. Didier Pittet, in Geneva.  For its fifth edition, ICPIC was patient-included.  This very international conference (130 countries present) opened with a memorable keynote by Vanessa Carter, which drew the full attention of the 1000+ delegate-packed auditorium. Quite an audience for Vanessa’s keynote indeed!

It was a fascinating first participation for me, with a very rich program prepared by the outstanding Scientific Committee with the support of patients like Vanessa and others who spoke at the conference.

Please watch the lovely, short testimonial below from Vanessa Carter at the end of ICPIC.

We have also, at Doctors 2.0, put together a series of links for you to enjoy all the learning material provided by ICPIC.

  • The abstracts are online .
  • The Patient Participation Platform video I moderated is here.
  • The video of the ICPIC Innovation academy awards is online here.
  • To access the ICPIC Learning Platform: icpic.reghot@mci-group.com

And don’t forget: HandHygiene is one of the most effective ways to combat hospital-acquired infection, and it requires the collaboration of professionals and patients.  Read this interesting white paper published by the International Society for Infectious Diseases.

Denise Silber