Penn Medicine, Biogen and Stanford on Transforming Healthcare & Pharma with #VR and #AR

Penn Medicine, Biogen and Stanford University on Transforming Healthcare & Pharma with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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Excited about the possibilities of Virtual Reality in healthcare, Doctors 2.0 & You is a partner of  events on this theme around the world and  working on new partnerships for the benefit of our community. The VRX Conference & Expo, taking place in December, 2019, in San Francisco gave us the opportunity to invite you to an exciting preparatory webinar organized by VRX with experts on  health and virtual and augmented reality. And we are now delighted to provide the summary information from that webinar.

The rise of virtual and augmented reality in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries has been a major source of growth for the XR industry in recent years. Currently, over 90% of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are experimenting with XR, AI and blockchain and the global healthcare AR and VR market is expected to generate around US$5bn by the year 2025, up from $850m in 2018.

The potential applications of XR in healthcare are vast, ranging from assessment to intervention and the promotion of wellness, and providers and patients alike stand to gain substantially from its utilization. Recognizing that an improved patient experience is of benefit to both healthcare providers and clients, healthcare provider Healing Healthcare Systems, Inc. has just announced a partnership with XRHealth, to provide virtual reality relaxation experiences to hospital patients. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are, however, among the most complex and tightly regulated verticals due to the value and sensitivity of healthcare data and there are many regulatory and privacy challenges yet to be overcome.

On July 17, VRX brought together Fern Nibauer Cohen (Director, Patient Engagement and Business Development, Penn Medicine), Kyle Lum (VR and AR Project Lead, Biogen), Walter Greenleaf (Medical VR/AR Expert, Stanford University) and Bob Fine (Executive Director, International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association) to explore VR & AR for Healthcare & Pharma – How to Overcome Challenges, Find Opportunities and Drive ROI.

Access the full webinar recordings here  for exclusive insights into:
• What are the best applications and which XR technologies are best suited?
• Benefits and challenges: How is healthcare being transformed? Where is it not ready?
• Looking at market growth for VR & AR tech in the sector and gaps to exploit
• How is ROI measured and who’s gaining the most benefit from XR technologies?

This webinar was run in association with VR Intelligence’s upcoming VRX Conference & Expo, taking place December 12-13, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel. Expecting more than 600 senior attendees from across gaming, entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive industries and more, VRX is the world’s premier B2B immersive tech event for those wishing to use XR to boost ROI, propel their business forward and engage consumers through immersive, innovative experiences.

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