Join us at the 1st Doctors 2.0 & You Congress in a Congress: #FAMxParis May 31-June1, 2018

Ministry of Health, Academy of Medicine, Doctors 2.0

As the founder of Doctors 2.0 & You, I am delighted to announce the  first cooperation for Doctors 2.0 & You as a conference within a conference, with FAMx Paris on  (May 31-June 1, 2018) in Unesco headquarters. We will be co-constructing the FAMx Paris start-up challenge, running a social media ambassador team, partnering with media, and many other great activities. We hope to see many of you from the local and international Doctors 2.0 & You community. Free admission!

FAMx Paris is also a first for its founders, the Foundation of the French National Academy of Medicine (FAM). FAM x Paris is a two-day international conference bringing together participants from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Senegal, Mexico … Ministry of Health, Academy of Medicine, Doctors 2.0Europe, and North America with 12 “reverse innovations,”  44 speakers, 12 start-up exhibitors chosen via an online challenge, world coffee breaks and…free entry, thanks to the sponsors.

Reverse innovations for health, the theme of FAMx Paris, reverse the direction of the flow of health innovation from low to high-resource health systems, from South to North. This theme of reverse innovation is the brainchild of FAM whose professionals have been exploring the transfer of  innovations from health system to health system through bilateral symposia with each of their six country partners.

Having plunged into this theme with my knowledge of the challenges that face eHealth, I observe that innovations developed in low-resource health systems bring solutions to the people and operate with a broader mandate than in highly developed health systems. These innovations can create new roles for healthcare professionals, they can bring together technologies and techniques. What matters is that they are developed in close proximity with the endusers, the patients and the professionals.

And so, the question, we shall explore on May 31 and June 1, is how and whether we can take these innovative solutions and foster their adaptation to systems around the world, including France, the US, and others.

  • Take medical deserts, for example. There are 640 counties in the US that require more than an hour’s drive to reach a hospital. Can they be supported by mobile medical units or by telemedicine solutions that come from emerging health systems?
  • What about rocketing costs? Can “frugal innovations” from India and other FAM partner countries make our health systems more sustainable?
  • How can we optimize the deployment of health workers and the various health professionals?

Watch the 1 minute video teaser and get your suitcase ready! Register here


Denise Siber