Doctors 2.0 & You Digital Health Start-up Contests

What do digital health start-ups bring to a medical congress? Innovation, engagement, networking among healthcare stakeholders…

And if a contest is held to identify the most relevant start-ups involved in a congress, those companies typically go on to greater recognition and results.

Past winners  at Doctors 2.0 & You contests  include many notable startups. MesVaccins, Synappz, Medexo, Medivizor, MyDiabby and in 2017, Dreaminzzz. Withings  was acquired by Nokia, MySugr by Roche, Doctoralia has merged.

What do judges look for in digital health start-ups? The fact that they bring a solid solution with a workable business model to a recognized problem, that they can present a convincing short pitch, think on their feet, and that they  have a team of complementary talents.

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