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Roberto Ascione - Razorfish Healthware

Roberto started out as a digital entrepreneur, pioneering the development of digital technologies in healthcare. He has more than 16 years of experience in health-related consulting, media and communications. Today Roberto is the President of Razorfish Healthware, a global organization that includes more than 300 employees working around the world. Passionate for medicine, computer sciences and human-technology interactions, Roberto believes that technology will be the most impactful driver of change in the healthcare industry. He nurtures this vision by speaking at numerous conferences, as well as contributing to leading research organizations.


Carole Avril - Fédération Française des Diabétiques

Carole Avril is managing director of the Fédération Française des Diabétiques, serving nearly 4 millions persons with diabetes and including 104 local associations in France. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families and to prevent the risk of diabetes and its complications.  Carole Avril managed the "AllôDiabète" platform and was Project manager for the Federation's peer to peer program led by Expert Patients.  Carole feels strongly that patients and the Fédération Française des Diabétiques have a role to play in the digital health revolution and thus co-organized the first Diabète 2.0 morning conference with Doctors 2.0 & You. She also participates in thought groups on telemedicine and eHealth.



Twitter: @BBartes

Beate Bartès - Vivre sans Thyroïde

In 2000, Beate created one of the first French online patient communities, “Vivre sans Thyroide” (“Life without a thyroid gland”), providing understandable information, exchange of experience with other patients, and emotional support via a web forum, www.forum-thyroide.net. In 2007, Beate created the patient association “Vivre Sans Thyroide”, which is member of the international umbrella organizations Thyroid Federation International and Thyroid Cancer Alliance. Beate keeps in shape with Quantified Self apps since 2013.


Ellis Bartholomeus - Wonderland

Ellis Bartholomeus started her career as a industrial designer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Via signage design, graphic, web and interaction design she became a game designer and created serious games for ten years with Laika.nl. Gaming appeared to be the ultimate medium for clients to get a message to their users. In 2010 she became  a member of the G-motiv team at TU Delft,  involved in  behaviour research  using game elements. This year Ellis is involved with The Dutch Creative Industries knowledge and innovation network Click|NL for building bridges between science and the game industry. She works fulltime in Wonderland, learning about play and motivation.


BESLAY Nathalie

Nathalie Beslay - Law Firm owner

As a lawyer since 1996 in France, Nathalie Beslay has developed a legal expertise in electronic health , advising institutions, pharmaceuticals, service industry, technical operators, insurance companies on the dematerialization of  health data and services. Attorney Beslay established her own law firm dedicated to health in 2003. Her expertise is based on a deep knowledge and experience of regulatory and legal constraints, on the understanding of administrative procedures, of health care professions, their challenge and risks and the understanding of applied technologies.  Nathalie Beslay is a regular speaker on the subject of eHealth and legal constraints. At Doctors 2.0, she will be prepared to answer questions about regulatory constraints on health care, social media, and web 2.0 tools.


Christine Bienvenu

Twitter: @tinaburger

Christine Bienvenu - ePatient - seinplement-romandes.ch

Christine Bienvenu is a two time warrior and survivor of TNBC (triple negative breast cancer), based in French-speaking Switzerland. She is also the proud founder of Seinplement Romand(e)s, the online community she founded in 2012 to reach out to local, younger women and their families going through the same challenges (treatments, logistics, etc) as she faced. A Canadian born bilingual Social Media consultant, Christine launched a Facebook Group in 2008, called Aspie Romandie, for people concerned with Asperger Syndrome in French-speaking Switzerland, when her eldest son was diagnosed.


nathalie bissot campos amfe

Twitter: @contact_amfe

Nathalie Bissot-Campos - AMFE

Nathalie Bissot-Campos is the Communications Director for the AMFE association and in charge of the "yellow alert." She is also the association's social media person or Ms 2.0.  The AMFE represents children with liver conditions. The association helps families, medical teams, research and conducts prevention campaigns like the "yellow alert." AMFE's campaigns have received awards.  



Twitter: @CathCerisey

Catherine Cerisey - Patients & Web

After 20 years in the art business, Catherine Cerisey was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and it reappeared in 2002. In 2009, she created her blog in French regarding her breast cancer. The blog became very popular and she was called upon to participate in another editorial site and in CancerContribution, a collaborative Francophone site  and in Rose magazine, a twice a year magazine for women with cancer.  In late 2012,  she created with Giovanna Marsico, Patients & Web, a consultancy for patient-related health projects.


Michael Chekroun - Carenity

Michael Chekroun is the founder of Carenity, the first Social Network for patients and ones they are close to, created at the beginning of 2011. After studying Management at Edhec and the London School of Economics, he started his career in strategy consulting in 2000, firstly at Gemini Consulting and then Kea&Partners. In 2005, Michael joined Ernst & Young as a Manager in the corporate finance team. He became Head of Health and Life Sciences where he led projects in France and internationally for the pharmaceutical Industry. Michael published articles on the consolidation of the pharmaceutical sub-contracting market and he ran conferences on the role of the Internet and Social Media within the doctor-patient relationship. In the summer of 2010, Michael left Ernst & Young to devote himself to the creation of Carenity.com.



Twitter: @LarryChu

Larry Chu - Stanford medicine x

Dr. Larry Chu is a practicing physician who runs the Anesthesia Informatics and Media (AIM) lab at Stanford University. He is an Associate Professor of Anesthesia on the faculty of the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Chu is the Executive Director of Stanford Medicine X, a conference that explores how emerging technologies advance the practice of medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. Stanford Medicine X is a "sister" conference to Doctors 2.0 & You.  Dr. Chu also studies how information technologies can be used to improve medical education; he  collaborates with researchers in simulation and computer science at Stanford regarding cognitive aids to health care outcomes. Dr. Chu has an NIH-funded clinical research laboratory where he studies opioid analgesic tolerance and physical dependence.


Luc Colemont

Twitter: @LucColemont

Luc Colemont - Stop Darmkanker

Dr. Luc Colemont is Head of the Department Gastroenterology at the St. Vincentius Hospital in Antwerp (Belgium). He is founder of the Flemish non-profit organization “Stop Darmkanker” (Stop Colon Cancer). He is a strong believer that more information and more action will lead to less colon cancer. His organization is focused on increasing   awareness of colon cancer, a disease that affects 1 out of every 20 people. Social media can play an important role in the battle against colon cancer and break down the taboo.  His motto: “By sharing knowledge, we can save lives”.


Mark Davies photo

Mark Davies - NHS Health & Social Care Information Centre

Le Dr Mark Davies, BSc FRCP FRCGP, Executive Medical Director, Health & Social Care Information Centre. Dr Mark Davies, a practicing GP in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, joined the Health & Social Care Information Centre in 2008 as the organisation’s Executive Medical Director. He is also the government advisor on transparency in health working in the Cabinet Office. Previously he was National Clinical Director for NHS Connecting for Health, establishing the clinical contents service, for which he remains Senior Responsible Officer. He has been Medical Director for the NHS Connecting for Health Choose and Book programme and clinical advisor to the Department of Health. Prior to this he was Medical Director of one the largest GP urgent care organisations in the country, and was involved in the reforming emergency care agenda for West Yorkshire.

Uwe Diegel - iHealth

Uwe DIEGEL, President of iHealthLabs Europe, established in 2013 in Paris. He is the holder of several patents pertaining to temperature and blood pressure measurement and is considered as a specialist in the oscillometric measurement of and in various other forms of medical diagnostics.After studying music, he performed worldwide as a concert pianist for several years. In 1989 he was forced to change his career and developed a new technology for the processing and production of low-lactose milk products. In 1992 he entered the world of medical diagnostics, quickly developing a particular interest in the field of cardiovascular diagnostics.  In 2009, Uwe got interested in Connected Health as a means of providing better patient management. He became involved in iHealth, a platform which takes all the signals of the body and translates into a meaningful format using smartphones and tablets. iHealth is today the world leader in the field of Connected Health.



Didier DIJOUX - LexisNexis

Didier DIJOUX, graduate of EDHEC Business School, began his career in Strategy Consulting. Didier is Sales Manager at LexisNexis BIS, a company specializing in the implementation of e-credit, Market Insight & Competitive Intelligence. He has been supporting the Great French companies specialized in Life Sciences: Health, Cosmetics and Food for seven years - on issues of Standby and Analysis of Media Information.



Paul Dinsmore - Videum Health

Pauls is President & COO of Videum, the first global health video network.  Paul is an accomplished online video executive, having advised companies like Sony, VEVO, ProSieben and other media companies in their video expansion. Prior to Videum, Paul was founder and CEO of VODU, a video localization & distribution business for foreign language videos.  Paul also served as VP of Global Digital Media for Sony Pictures Television leading the company’s operations across its 150+ TV channels in EMEA, Asia/Pacific & Latin America.


David Doherty Low Res

Twitter: @mHealth

David Doherty - 3G Doctor

David Doherty, co-founder, launched 3G Doctor​ in 2006, after his studies of Medicine at University College London convinced him of the need for remote care services that could provide patients with a means of private​, anytime/anywhere economical access to the attentions of an informed registered Doctor. David's role at 3G Doctor involves bringing together feedback from patients and doctors, the public, mobile developer communities and medical technologists to learn how to improve the patient experience and begin to understand ways in which 3G Doctor can deliver and support new care experiences.​ David's blog mHealthInsights relates the important developments ​at​ the​​ exciting forefront of the mHealth industry.


Jacques Durand - Health2i

Dr. Jacques Durand is a French physician in South East Asia where he has been working for several companies as Medical Director and as a Health care consultant for the local Hospital Industry. He is also a Social Media Expert and has devoted his recent life to advancing healthcare online. In 2011 he founded a company in Asia focused on Healthcare Social Media services, HEALTH2i with its social media platform, blabladoctor.com bringing patients with questions and people with answers together and also DokterGratis mHealth platform. Indonesia and Singapore are two main centers of interest.


Loïc Etienne - Medical Intelligence Service

An emergency doctor, Dr Etienne was the creator in 1987 of an early Minitel Health service and in 2001 of DocteurClic.com which he managed through 2009. He blogs at zeblogsante.com about Medicine 3.0 and medical textbooks. An entrepreneur, his latest company is Medical Intelligence Service which licenses  the expert system used by E-docteur, to "provide help for decisions before consulting a real doctor."



Francesca Fedeli + Roberto D’Angelo - FamilyDan.org

Familydan.org  is represented by Francesca Fedeli and Roberto D’Angelo, an Italian  tech-savvy couple,  health activists and brain enthusiasts, advocating for pediatric stroke survivors. The pair gave birth to their son Mario, who was diagnosed as having had a perinatal stroke. The D’Angelos used mirror neuron rehabilitation to help Mario regain movement. They also founded FightTheStroke.org, a non-profit to advocate for pediatric stroke survivors. Together with some renowned scientific institutions, they’re developing an innovative interface, able to map affected parts of the children’s body and engage them in more efficient therapy.



Twitter: @JorgeJuan

Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia - Hospital San Juan de Dios

Jorge Juan Fernández is Director of eHealth & Health 2.0 at Hospital San Juan de Dios of Barcelona, the leading Spanish children’s hospital in Spain, one of the top 5 in Europe, and the reference point in Health 2.0 in Spain. Jorge Juan has a decade of international healthcare consulting expertise in e-Health and Health 2.0. Trilingual in Spanish, English, and Italian, Jorge Juan blogs about healthcare management and innovation at www.saludygestion.com. He is also the author of “Las reglas de juego”, an updated and expanded version of a free digital e-book that has been downloaded by more than 425.000 people, the most downloaded eBook in the history of Spanish Internet.


Laurent Flouret

Laurent Flouret - Sanofi

Sr. Project Manager in the  Sanofi Global Digital & Multichannel Marketing Center of Excellence,  Laurent Flouret joined Sanofi in 2006 after his Masters in Strategic and Change Management. He started in Sanofi's  generic medicines division where he developed the Sanofi Global HQ business from Paris, before moving to Singapore, where he spent 3 years providing Sales Force Excellence support for the Asia Pacific markets. Laurent now drives the Digital transformation at Sanofi from a corporate perspective and also supports the Medical Devices team of Sanofi Biosurgery, from a Brand/Solutions Digital Innovation standpoint. Laurent is a PMI certified Project Management Professional.
emmanuel fort

Emmanuel Fort - AXA-ESPCI

Emmanuel Fort is the AXA - ESPCI Chair holder in biomedical imaging. Its research activities are at the crossroads of fundamental physics research and technological innovation. He joined the Langevin Institute at ESPCI ParisTech in 2010. He is interested in imaging techniques and innovative optical sensing techniques for biomedical applications in diagnosis and therapy (from optics to photonics, including ultrasound and fluorescence). Another part of his activities is more fundamental and focuses on the analogies between quantum and classical systems. Emmanuel will speak of telehealth in India.


Christian Funk_high_res

Twitter: @mhealthde

Christian Funk - VitaDock

Christian Funk is an expert and passionate creator in mobile health, with practical experience in developing and marketing the award winning VitaDock series made by Medisana for over 3 years. He believes that innovative, convenient, and life-style designed health solutions will lower the barrier for people to take care of their health condition in everyday life whether for preventive reasons or management of chronic diseases. Christian has initiated successful collaborations with existing health services / institutions, to create new revenue models and solutions that allow patients to easily connect with doctors, coaches or medical call-centers.


Daniel Ghinn - Creation Healthcare

Daniel Ghinn is founder and CEO of Creation Healthcare, the research and training consultancy established in 1988, advising international health stakeholders, including doctors, patient groups, pharmaceutical companies, the World Health Organization. As well as being a regular contributor to healthcare industry magazines, Daniel is Editor of Healthcare Engagement Strategy eJournal. His book, 'Pathways to Engagement for Healthcare Organizations', is based on three years of research into the pioneers of new communications channels in healthcare. Daniel has a special interest in digital engagement among doctors, and his eBook 'Activating Digital Opinion Leaders' explores the role of doctors using public social media channels to collaborate on clinical and practice matters.

Twitter: @creakyjoints

Seth Ginsberg - Creakyjoints

Seth Ginsberg is America's Health Advocate and a thought leader in the global health innovation and access-to-care conversation for the past 15 years. Ginsberg was diagnosed at age 13 with Spondylarthritis, and, at 18,  pioneered the world's first Online Patient Community for the millions of people worldwide suffering from arthritis, called CreakyJoints.  CreakyJoints sustains thousands of engagements a day through its social media channels, serving as a model for interactive delivery of patient education, support services, advocacy efforts and research opportunities. CreakyJoints is the flagship of its parent Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF), a New York-based 501(c)(3) non-profitorganization, co-founded by Ginsberg and entrepreneur Louis Tharp in 1999.



Twitter: @medecins-mmt

Marie-Thérèse Giorgio - Atousanté

Marie-Thérèse Giorgio did her medical studies in Lyon, France.  A specialist of health and prevention in the workplace,  medicine is a passion for Marie-Thérèse Giorgio.  She created a web site in 2006, called Atousanté to inform employers, employees and healthcare professionals  about public health issues Atousante. Today, she is president of the Médecins-Maîtres-toile, association of physician webmasters with their 110 web sites + some Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Tal Givoly

Twitter: @givoly

Tal Givoly - medivizor.com

Tal  Givoly is Medivizor’s co-founder and CEO and has over 25 years of systems and software development experience. Until recently, he served as Chief Scientist of Amdocs (DOX), where he headed up innovation activities across the $3B company. Before that he held leadership positions in product management, software product development, technology and innovation, and more. Tal has been “realizing visions,” both in startups from inception and in multinational corporations. Tal is also a prolific inventor with over 25 granted patents and more pending and a frequent public speaker and contributor to a variety of industry forums and standard bodies.


Angel Gonzalez

Twitter: @Angel189

Angel Gonzalez - Ideagoras

Advertising practitioner with 30 years of experience, the last 13 years in the Healthcare sector. He was co-President of Publicis Healthcare Spain, heading the Madrid office by leading it to being “the reference of the market on a global scale”. Afterwards, he joined the Madrid office of Global Healthcare as partner and managing director with the responsibility of re-launching it. In January 2009, Angel set up Ideagoras, the first fully independent Social Media in Healthcare company established in Spain and today a leading international agency in its category. He was the founder of #hcsmeuES, leading the tweet-chats during its first year.
Dr. Philipp Goos

Twitter: @drphilphil99

Philipp Goos - Jameda

Dr. Philipp Goos is CEO of jameda.de, the largest German physician-rating website. He followed a technology and internet path throughout his whole research and business career. Before running jameda Philipp was responsible for M&A at the internet holding company Tomorrow Focus and worked as a strategy consultant in the media industry. He believes that the internet has become the most important medium for patients to search and find the right doctor. Therefore Philipp dedicates his recent professional life to give patients with jameda a voice and a place to fulfill this need. This patient empowerment fundamentally through changes the relationship between doctors and patients.



Twitter: @tri3mg

Marcus Gordon - Edelman

Marcus Gordon, MBA, is a thought leader in digital, social and mobile healthcare marketing and is a part of Edelman's global digital healthcare practice. He is a co-author in several industry resource publications including the "mHIMSS Roadmap" and the "SHSMD Emerging Media Handbook". Marcus is also often quoted in healthcare trade journals on the topics of digital, social, and mobile engagement in consumer driven healthcare and speaks frequently at global industry events, including: Arab Health Summit ('14), Connected Health Asia ('13), mHealth Summit ('12), HIMSS ('11) and SHSMD ('10). He is a blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (@healthflock) as a business healthcare expert.
Kamalesh Goswami

Twitter: @kgoswami

Kamalesh Goswami - Digital Life Sciences Strategist

With a background in technology, social learning, digital marketing, Kamalesh Goswami is a digital strategist advising life sciences organisations. He was instrumental in setting up Australia's first doctors only online network e-healthspace. He is currently advising biopharma companies on engaging online with clinicians effectively.
henri gracies

Twitter: @meditwitt

Henri Graciès - Mediamed

A practicing ophthalmologist near Paris, with a special interest in glaucoma since 1984, Henri Gracies has also been active in the following ways: as a journalist, an editor in chief, the founder of a news and web agency, an expert consultant for healthcare organizations and law firms and president of the medical staff of a local hospital. Henri created his first websites in 1995 and participated in the founding of the French Medical Webmaster's organization: MMT-Fr, of which he is vice-president. Henri is an avid supporter of eHealth, a blogger, and social media user.



Twitter: @zgjr

Rafael Grossmann - EMMC

A pioneering Google Glass Explorer, Dr Rafael Grossmann is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, where he graduated from medical school. Rafael completed General Surgery Residency in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At EMMC, Rafael is a General and Trauma Surgery attending, practicing general elective surgery, acute care surgery, trauma surgery, surgical critical care, advanced laparoscopy and single incision surgery. Rafael also pioneered the Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic general surgery program at EMMC. Since 2005, he has developed a passion for the care of surgical and acutely injured patients, via “Teletrauma” and has embraced mHealth, including Google Glass as a supplemental platform to deliver telemedicine. June 21, 2013, he became the first surgeon to utilize GoogleGlass during a surgical procedure.
Alexane Gurwic Testimonial

Twitter: @Roche_com

Alexane Gurwic - Roche

Pharmacist by training, Alexane Gurwic has 10 years' experience in Digital Marketing in Pharma. Former president of Isidore association, she is an accomplished fencer.

Thibaud Guymard - MSD (Univadis)

Thibaud Guymard manages Univadis in France, a leading online service for healthcare professionals provided by MSD. With the global team, Thibaud launched the first version of the new Univadis website and developed a social network for healthcare professionals called Comuniti. Thibaud started his career, after doing a dual master in Biology and Business at University of Rennes and IAE in France. His first job was at Saatchi & Saatchi, a global healthcare communication agency of Publicis group in Paris, before moving to the UK as Digital Strategist for Creation Healthcare, a global strategy consultancy. Thibaud is also actively involved in the French Digital Health Think Tank, "Club Digital Santé" (#hcsmeufr).


Djamila Hariti

Djamila Hariti

Both a GP and addiction specialist, Dr Hariti is a graduate of Paris VII medical school. She has practiced medicine in both rural areas and cities and is engaged in simulation, risk prevention, and public health. Dr Hariti organizes workshops and training courses for HCPs and teaches at Paris XI. In addition to her consultations, in 2011, she became the educational director at the European School of Surgery.

Erard de Hemricourt - Esperity

Erard de Hemricourt is a specialist in Nuclear Medicine from the University of Brussels. After a short passage through the Johns Hopkins Cancer Center in 1994, he graduated from Nuclear Medicine in 2000. Through his practice he has gained experience with cancer patients understanding their needs. Erard is also a medical writer for the broad public.


Hixson photo

John Hixson - VA Medical Center (SFO) and UCSF

John Hixson serves as clinical director for Patient-Facing health technology under the Health Informatics Initiative of the US Veterans Health Administration. He is also the Principal Investigator for a VHA-based clinical study examining the use of online communities and social media to improve the self-management abilities of patients suffering from seizures. Dr. Hixson is a neurologist with expertise in the field of epilepsy, and he is currently on the faculty of the University of California San Francisco. His prior medical training was at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
Evert Hoogendoorn

Twitter: @EvertH

Evert Hoogendoorn - IJsfontein

Evert Hoogendoorn is a strategist and game designer at IJsfontein Interactive Media.  After studying "writing for performance" and developing a focus on storytelling, Evert joined the game industry  fifteen years ago and was co-founder of the first game design program in Europe at the Utrecht School of the Arts. With IJsfontein he develops games with a focus on education, communication and behavioral change. Since 2009 he has worked on many health-games for training professionals, treatment of patients and prevention, including abcdeSIM, which is the first accredited serious game for education of medical specialists in the Netherlands.


ILYA Kupriyanov 9876

Ilya Kupriyanov - DoctorAtWork

Ilya Kupriyanov is Business Development Director of the Russian online physician community, DoktorNaRabote.ru  which translates to DoctorAtWork. This community won the 2011 Russian "Start-up of the Year" contest and has also launched a community for medical students. Ilya has been a co-founder of 3 start-ups, with one exit, and is a pioneer in e-detailing in Russia, having created e-rep or electronic medical representative to link companies and physicians. Ilya, an MBA and law graduate, based in Moscow, is also working on a patient community start-up..


Thomas M. Lee

Twitter: @tmlfox

Thomas Lee - Symplur

Thomas is the Co-founder of Symplur, LLC and “The Healthcare Hashtag Project”.  He’s also the Managing Partner of The Fox Group, LLC, an internationally based healthcare consulting firm.  His nearly four decades of experience in the business of healthcare includes special emphasis on business start-ups, new program development, and leveraging web technology.  His current passion is the role  social media plays in the evolving healthcare landscape, and in the emerging field of healthcare social media analytics.  Thomas also teaches university level courses and has been a frequent guest lecturer to doctoral level students on the subject of healthcare start-up businesses and entrepreneurship.


tiantian stanley li

Twitter: @Tiantian_DXY

Tiantian (Stanley) Li - DXY.com

TIantian (Stanley) Li is the founder of DXY, the largest physician social network in China. Founded in 2006, DXY has 100+ employees in China. In DXY, he is in charge of public relation, government affair,s  investment and media collaboration. Stanley has a Masters in Tumor Immunology. An almost PhD in Bioinformatics, he is interested data mining and statistics and leads the research 2.0 Group, focused on improving efficiency in physician's research work flow by utilizing Internet applications. Since 2006, this group has opened 30+ offline seminars in 15 capital cities in China and ~23,000 physicians have joined. In 2014, Stanley will talk about Doctor Engagement in a novel way!


Liana Lianov

Twitter: @HealthType

Liana Lianov - Doctor at UC Davis

Dr. Liana Lianov is a Senior Medical Consultant at the California Department of Health Care Services, the President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and a regent of the American College of Preventive Medicine board. She serves as Assistant Professor at the University of California Davis. As a leader in the lifestyle medicine movement, she advances health delivery models that emphasize healthy lifestyles as the primary mode of treating and preventing diseases. Her company HealthTypeTM offers innovative interventions and technologies to support sustainable health behavior changes. She highlights “strategies to achieve health goals must harness the individual’s strengths and passions.”
Aad Lievaart

Aad Lievaart - Add-App

Aad Lievaart is a trainer and coach and specialized in advanced learning techniques such as dynamic learning. For more than 20 years, he has been active in developing skill based training and learning programs/interventions for the farmaceutical industry and Health environment with a special focus on sustaining knowledge and skills. Aad likes to support individuals, teams and organizations in their search for growth. He develops new approaches in learning and development including mobile learning techniques. Aad also explores new strategies in learning 3.0. See also Maarten Ponssen.
Llordachs Frederic

Twitter: @doctoralia

Frederic Llordachs - Doctoralia

Dr. Frederic Llordachs is a serial entrepreneur/physician from Barcelona, Spain. After practicing as a family doctor and clinic manager for a decade, he left it aside to focus on Doctoralia, online healthcare directory, and Medprive,  platform offering quality medical treatments at discounted prices, that he cofounded.  He is also the ehealth manager for several entities, spreading and encouraging the use of new technologies to improve healthcare.  Frederic comes from Tarragona, the Roman World Heritage town, south of Barcelona. While studying medicine, he was a lifeguard for 8 years on Tarragona’s beaches, way before David Hasselhoff.


Jan Loh

Twitter: @Medexo_GmbH

Jan-Christoph Loh - Medexo

Dr. Jan-Christoph Loh is Medexo’s CEO. He holds an M.D. degree from the University Clinic of Ulm. After finishing his diploma in Medicine at University of Ulm, Jan worked as general and abdominal surgeon for Charité Berlin (2008 – 2011). Subsequently, he became a vascular and plastic surgeon at Vivantes Clinics in Berlin Friedrichshain. Drawn by the vision to improve patients’ medical decision-making, Jan left his position at Vivantes in 2012 and took up his current role at Medexo.


Muriel Londres

Twitter: @MissLondres

Muriel Londres - Vivre-Sans-Thyroïde

Muriel Londres, in charge of the French "Living Without Thyroid"Association for the Paris area, is a video technician. Upon learning of her hypothyroidism, Muriel discovered a helpful forum managed by the patient organization Vivre-Sans-Thyroïde. Muriel became involved, producing videos of their medical conferences, organizing patient meet-ups, and becoming active on the web. Stimulated by other eHealth fans, Muriel militates for use of social networks and patient emancipation. Her wish is that patient expertise and experience be taken into account by the medical profession. Muriel is also active in a group called "patient cooperation."



Twitter: @JcqsLucas

Jacques Lucas - French National Order of Physicians

Dr Jacques Lucas, cardiologist, is also Vice-president of the French National Order of Physicians, in charge of Health Information and ICT subjects. Under his guidance, the Order has published several white papers on IT and internet-related subjects and held various public meetings.



Twitter: @chanfimao

Chanfi Maoulida - APHP

Web project manager for more than 10 years, geek, and a WordPress addict, Chanfi  Maoulida accompanies and experiments with digital solutions for the French public hospital system of Paris. A digital militant for public service, he says that we can  use new technologies to completely rethink what we do. In 2012, he launched hopitalweb2.com a collaborative project, as a true testing lab for the digital transformation of the public hospital into a 2.0 hospital.    



Twitter: @drguiloo

Guillaume Marchand - dmd Santé

Dr Guillaume Marchand is a psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Rouen, where he helped introduce the most recent IT system. He also writes e-health columns for What's Up Doc ?, a physician magazine. In 2012, he created DMD Santé, a start-up with a physician and an engineer friend. DMD contributes to the evaluation of mhealth applications thanks to a network of 600 evaluators. Originally from the champagne region, Guillaume is happy to discuss the local gastronomy.



Twitter: @GioMarsi

Giovanna Marsico - Cancer Contribution

A former lawyer in Milan, Italy and representative to the European Commission in Brussels for various associations, Giovanna is responsible for the citizen pole of Cancer Campus, a permanent laboratory for innovative practices in healthcare. The citizen pole analyzes and anticipates in the cancer experience for the individual and Society. Cancer Contribution was the first Doctors 2.0 & You cause in 2011! Giovanna is also our Ambassador from Italy in France ! In late 2012,  she created with Catherine Cerisey, Patients & Web, a consultancy for patient-related health projects.


Greg Matthews

Twitter: @chimoose

Greg Matthews - WCG Group

With a background in healthcare, social media and enterprise change management, Greg Matthews is Managing Director at the WCG Group, strategic communications advisor to hospital systems, health insurers, pharma/biotech manufacturers, health IT companies, and consumer health companies. He is currently focused on MDigitalLife – understanding, engaging and activating physicians online.


Hubert M

Twitter: @HubertMchin

Hubert Méchin - Drugee

Dr. Hubert Méchin is the director and founder of Drugee, a company created in 2011 that develops and edits web innovations in the field of sanitary vigilance. Drug2e, the first application of Drugee launched in January 2012, is a secure webservice for the on-line collection of adverse drug reactions. Physician and past director of a French CRO, Dr. Méchin is a specialist in pharmaco-epidemiology and teaches students at Universities in Paris and Casablanca.


Olivier Meignen

Twitter: @Oliv_me

Olivier Meignen - Haute Autorité de Santé

Olivier Meignen, HEC School of Management / TELECOM ParisTech, Master in Digital Business Management, is  a communications and digital strategy expert, with 17 years' experience in communication and web project management. He joined the French National Authority for Health in 2006 where he has managed such digital projects  as renovating the website, creating a webzine, the social media communication strategy, search engine optimization, and managing e-reputation data and website analysis.



Twitter: @hepatoweb

Didier Mennecier - Hepatoweb.com

Didier Mennecier is a hepato-gastroenterologist and addictologist at the French Army hospital of Saint-Mandé, and a member of the association of Francophone Medical Webmasters. Thanks to his military career, Didier was able to develop his passion not only as a doctor but also as a geek. Seeing the Internet as an indispensable third actor in the relationship between the physician and the patient, Didier uses his site HepatoWeb.com, to complement his consultations and is also developing new digital applications in support of patient information therapy. Didier's main mobile app has received awards.



Twitter: @Berci

Bertalan Mesko - Webicina

Bertalan Meskó or Berci is  one of the most influential physicians on Social Media. On Twitter, he describes himself as a Medical futurist, geek medical doctor with PhD in genomics, founder of http://Webicina.com , speaker, blogger, university lecturer, book author, consultant. An advisor to Doctors 2.0 & You and Keynote speaker extraordinaire, Berci will be signing copies of his new book Social Media in Clinical Practice, and providing a masterclass at Doctors 2.0 & You 2014.


Gonzalo Mora - InsightMedi App

Gonzalo Mora, md PHD, is  founder and CEO of InsightMedi App, "The Professional Photo-Sharing Network for the Healthcare Community," and CEO of HealthMedi Apps. He is a Medical Doctor since 1992 and Orthopedic surgeon since 1997. Subspecialty in Arthroscopy, Reconstructive surgery of Knee, Shoulder and Ankle. Expert in Cell Therapy for Joints and Arthritis (Clinical and research). Avid user of computers, web and mobile technology. Developer and designer of EHR systems since 2002, working in Virtual Reality and Simulation for Arthroscopy (2006 to 2010) and working in Mobile Apps for the Healthcare community since 2012. He describes himself as well as a proud father, husband and family man.  


Alexis Normand

Twitter: @slarxe

Alexis Normand - Withings

Alexis Normand is responsible for relations with healthcare professionals at Withings. A graduate of HEC and Sciences-Po, he has a backround in public policy, healthcare reform and industry. He previously held  managerial positions at Saint-Gobain and in consulting working for Booz & Company, where he led public policy reforms in the Gulf. Alexis is also active within a French think-tank. He joined Withings with the vision that connected objects are creating a new business case for smart prevention in an aging society, a gamechanger in healthcare.
Ben Nowell

Twitter: @creakyjoints

Ben Nowell - GHLF

Dr.W. Benjamin Nowell is Director, Patient-Centered Research, Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHlF) currently serving as co-PI in the development of a patient-powered research registry for inflammatory arthritis, funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).  Arthritis Research Partnership with Comparative Effectiveness Researchers (AR-PoWER). is a partnership between the CreakyJoints patient community, part of GHLF, and the University of Alabama, Birmingham Center for Education and Research and Therapeutics of Musculoskeletal Diseases. It aims to involve patients in meaningful research, utilizing active and passive data collection. Dr. Nowell earned his PhD at Columbia University and MSW at the University of California at Berkeley.



Twitter: @campussanofi

Xavier Olba - Sanofi

Xavier Olba is an economist with an MBA from ESADE. For the past 12 years, at Sanofi, Xavier has been a specialist of pharmaceutical marketing, with experience in cardiology, urology, and psychiatry.He is currently responsible for digital strategy in Spain & Portugal and enthusiastic about the benefits that digital brings to the quality of life of patients and the management of their conditions.
Anne-Lise Ollivier

Anne-Lise Ollivier - Sanofi

Anne Lise Ollivier (Doctor of Pharmacy, Public Health, MBA) has worked for many years in emerging countries with international organizations (WHO, World Bank, EU...) on availability of essential medicines. She then joined the pharmaceutical industry. She is today in  Public Affairs at Sanofi, where she works on the definition and launching of public health projects. She is also in charge of medico-economic evaluation of health products.
Panos Papakonstantinou

Twitter: @isbusiness

Panos Papakonstantinou - Novartis

Panos Papakonstantinou, MSc Computer Engineering and MBA, currently holds the position of the Region Europe Digital Marketing & Sales Manager and is leading the Digital Strategy in Region Europe for Novartis Pharma. He has extensive experience in the Digital Marketing & Sales field in the telecommunications, banking and pharmaceutical industries. He is highly active in the digital channels field with an emphasis on Closed Loop Marketing channels and their strategic use.

Eric Phélippeau - La FNIM

Eric Phelippeau, President of FNIM. After a diploma in applied arts at the Boulle School in France, Eric spent two years as a designer at Carré Noir and Raison Pure before creating Duetto in 1989, now known as BY AGENCY Design. Since 1992, he teaches brand marketing and communication in various Health Communication and Marketing MBA programs. In 2003, he combined brands, marketing and music to create a sound communication agency called By Music with Aurelien Sooukian. In 2004, Alexandre Bruere, strategic planner, joined him to found the BY AGENCY Group, an independent communications group.



Elena Pirofalo - Razorfish Healthware

Elena has over 13 years experience in healthcare digital communications developed at Razorfish Healthware  in key strategic roles. Today Elena is European Experience Director focusing on the intersection of Art, Content and User Experience to deliver innovative experiences able to improve health outcomes and transform clients business.



Alexandre Plé - Umanlife

With degrees in management from ISG and HEC business schools, Alexander Ple is the founder of Umanlife. A former manager with the Générale de Santé Group (177 hospitals and clinics in Europe), Alexander was in charge of information system solutions for patients, including both multimedia and medical services. Alexander's experience in the world of hospitals convinced him that he needed to create the company that would enable the patient to get the right information in the right place at all times and to be pro-actively engaged in the process. That company is Umanlife.


Maarten Ponssen

Maarten Ponssen - Medix Publishers

Maarten Ponssen is business development consultant at Medix Publishers. For over 25 years, he has been active on an operational and strategic level for several operating agencies, legal service providers and publishers. Maarten explores new target and user groups and new online and offline applications. Maarten is dedicated to providing all health stakeholders the best ways to engage in personalized communication and medicine. He focuses on enhancing cost reduction and patient therapy adherence, through sustainable medical knowledge and skills. Maarten works together with Aad Lievaart providing dynamic learning and research.



Lionel Reichardt - Pharmageek

Lionel has been working within the healthcare industry for the past 20 years holding management positions and dealing with numerous issues - Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Business development… He created Pharmageek in 2011 and decided to explore E- Health and the digital health landscape. Curator, blogger, consultant, Healthcare Social Media influencer, Lionel want to fill the gap and break the barriers between health actors. Member of the strategic committee of several E-health startups, Lionel is part of the iHealth Team.


Tessa Richards

Twitter: @bmj_latest

Tessa Richards - BMJ

Dr Tessa Richards trained at Guys Hospital  in London and worked in the NHS as a general physician and rheumatologist and subsequently a general practitioner  before joining the BMJ.  She currently leads the BMJ's  Patient Partnership initiative and  established its Overdiagnosis series. She is a columnist and blogs regularly on patient perspectives. Theme issues she has coordinated  include Partnering with Patients and  Health in the Middle East. Her interests include international health and European health policy. Her viewpoint is coloured by undergoing treatment for stage IV adrenal cancer and as a carer for close family members with rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, and blindness.

Twitter: @jurriaanvr

Jurriaan van Rijswijk - Games for Health Europe

Jurriaan van Rijswijk is an independent producer of more than 300 (serious) games and he is a serial entrepreneur. He’s a board member of the Dutch Games Association. In 2010 he founded the Games for Health Europe Foundation, of which he is the chairman, and he is responsible for organizing the Games for Health Europe Conferences. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Monpellier Venture a company specialized in the development of corporate game strategies and the production of applied games.


Homero Rivas - Stanford Medecine School

Homero Rivas, MD, MBA, FACS, is an Assistant Professor of Surgery, and the Director of Innovative Surgery at Stanford University. He has been involved in mHealth for nearly six years. Co-Founder of Apps4Patients, small startup that has designed and created several mobile phone applications for patients. He is a Glass Explorer (Google), and has several research projects using Glass and software to improve safety in the operating room and also to train surgeons with augmented reality. He is advocate of Hispanics in the USA and champions mHealth and telemedicine among them. He directs a massive-open-online-course on mHealth with over 10,000 registered students throughout the world.

Sylvie Royant-Parola - Respir@dom

A psychiatrist by training, Sylvie Royant-Parola chose to focus on sleep apnea in its early days.  Her medical practice included both the mechanics of sleep and active patient listening, in order to understand and describe patient symptoms.   Subsequently, Sylvie's interest in the Internet and ICT for medicine led her to focus on blogs, social networks, and  telemedicine and gamification, thanks to Respir@dom, her sleep apnea program which includes the award-winning Serious Game, Inspiratio !


Eugenio Santoro - Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

Eugenio Santoro works at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research where he leads the Laboratory of Medical Informatics. He teaches  training and master courses for physicians and health professionals about the use of web 2.0, social media and medical apps. Author of more than one hundred journal papers and two books available in Italian about the use of social media in medicine “Web 2.0, and social media in medicine”  and  “Facebook, Twitter and Medicine”, Eugenio is involved in research about the use of social media and apps for medical education, health promotion, and health communication.



Twitter: @fscalapro

Ferdinando Scala - Razorfish Healthware

Ferdinando Scala is an International Digital Strategist at Razorfish Healthware. An advisor for healthcare companies at global level, he is specialized in Strategic & Digital Consulting. An Alumnus of the prestigious Nunziatella Military School of Naples, Italy, Ferdinando holds a MSc in Biology (summa cum laude) at University of Naples “Federico II”, and is currently pursuing a BSc in Communications and Media at University of Salerno. A former international researcher in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems; and a Marketing & Sales manager in Big Pharma companies; he’s a dedicated Wikipedia author (15.000+ contributions) and a Collaborative Media expert.

Marlies Schijven - Google Glass Surgeon

Dr. M.P. (Marlies) Schijven, MD PhD MHSc, is a Surgeon at the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam and President of the Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare.  Marlies Schijven researches the field of mHealth, Simulation and Serious Gaming. On the 28th of October 2013, while in Amsterdam, she became the first surgeon to livestream an operation to YouTube using GoogleGlass. Dr. Schijven is known for her large number of publications on the area of surgery, mhealth, medical education and simulation technology.  She is an expert in the area of medical simulation validation studies and processes. See also www.googleglasssurgeon.com


F. Schneider

Twitter: @fksc_

Franck Schneider - University Hospitals of Geneva

Franck Schneider, born in Paris and graduate of the National School Louis Lumière, is today the MultiMedia and AudioVisual expert at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG). In 1989, Franck created HUIT, a production company and laboratory to support the digital development of documentaries. He has produced and directed over 30 films for this company. In 2006, he joined the University hospitals of Geneva where he makes patient informative videos for the WebTV of HUG. Franck develops quality Social Media content for the Geneva Hospitals, particularly  patient information, with some great successes.



Twitter: @mjseres

Michael Seres - ePatient

A healthcare social media speaker, adviser, and author born in London, Michael was diagnosed at 12 with Crohn's Disease. He studied law & politics at LSE before surgery interrupted his studies. After 20 operations and intestinal failure, Michael underwent a rare small bowel transplant in the UK.  Prior to transplant, Michael started blogging. His blog is  now the official patient blog of the Intestinal Transplant Association. Michael serves on the executive committee of Oxford Transplant Foundation. He is the patient spokesperson for national quality food standards in NHS hospitals.  Michael builds online patient communities through social media. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/bdoneglobalfamily/) and  launched the #IBDChat. He's a patient ambassador for The Patient Association, runs the patient strand of NHSSM, is a patient scholar  at Stanford Medicine X  and a UK Ambassador for Doctors 2.0 & You!


Denise Silber - Basil Strategies

Denise Silber, president of Basil Strategies digital health consultancy and organizer of Doctors 2.0 & You conferences, is an international digital health expert with a mission to improve life for patients. Denise created some of the earliest medical web sites and internet training courses in Europe. She participated in working groups regarding ethics and quality on several continents.  Basil Strategies co-launched the first Health 2.0 conference outside the U.S., in Paris in 2010.  A Smith College graduate and Harvard MBA, Denise was named to the Legion of Honor, France's highest civil decoration, for her work in advancing international eHealth. Denise also teaches Digital Health at Essec Business School. Her publications are listed on Google Scholar and she is a Healthcare Social Media influencer.



Twitter: @mitchsilva

Mitchell Silva - Esperity

Mitchell Silva has obtained a PhD in Bio-Engineering at the University of Leuven. He coordinated international projects such as for the European Space Agency, won the Young Researcher Award at the International Lung Sound Association (2009) and the 1st prize of the first Microsoft Innovation Center Boostcamp in Brussels.


John Stamler

Twitter: @John5370

John S. Stamler - Ben's Friends

John Stamler is a partner at Ben's Friends, where he is focused on sponsorships, member services, fundraising, partnerships with corporations, hospitals, physicians and, generally speaking, the financial side. John got involved with Ben’s Friends in June 2010, a month after successful open heart surgery to fix one of his two rare diseases, Atrial Septal Defect. In November 2010, John ran the New York City Marathon less than six months after open heart surgery to raise awareness for folks with rare diseases and money for Ben’s Friends. He’s a graduate of Brown University and lives in London. As of December 2012, Ben’s Friends had 33 rare disease support communities with 25,000 members, The organization launches new rare disease communities on a monthly basis.


Erich Taubert

Twitter: @thetaub

Erich Taubert - Synappz Medical Apps

After 15 years of clinical practice  in tropical urology and knowing well the health system's shortcoming, Erich Taubert decided to enter the field of innovation and co-founded Synappz Medical Apps. He considers mobile to be the most disruptive healthcare technology and knows wherein lie the biggest challenges in implementing mHealth. His goal is to unlock medical knowledge for patients, enabling all people to take care of their health and illnesses at home at their own discretion.

Twitter: @rteston

Rémy Teston - Pfizer

Rémy Teston is Digital Marketing Manager at Pfizer France, working on multichannel deployment, management multiple websites and distance tools. He accompanies marketing teams in their digital initiatives for professionals and consumer. He is also invested in digital health and eHealth with his personal blog Buzz-eSante.com and the co-management of the Club Digital Santé Think Tank #hcsmeufr.


Patrice Thiriez - e-Santé.fr

Patrice THIRIEZ is General Manager of e-Santé.fr, consumer health information portal. With a business degree from ESSCA, Patrice has been an internet marketing specialist for the past 15 years in various French start-ups. In February 2014, e-sante.fr launched « e-docteur » on the portal. E-docteur is the first "intelligent symptom analyzer". Developed by doctors, e-docteur allows the internet user to evaluate the severity of the medical problem, to identify the most likely medical conditions, and to get free and anonymous personalized advice.


Paul Tunnah

Paul Tunnah - Pharmaphorum

Paul Tunnah is the CEO and Founder of pharmaphorum media. He received both an MA in Biochemistry and DPhil in Biological Sciences from Oxford University. Prior to founding pharmaphorum media, Paul has a strong background in early research, commercial pharmaceutical consulting, digital media and content marketing. He has written and produced numerous articles and reports / white papers during his career, is regarded as a key industry advisor on social media communication and has developed pharmaphorum media into a globally recognized industry brand, engaging with senior industry executives on key issues and connecting them with external thought leaders.



Twitter: @audvin

Audun Utengen - Symplur

With a background and training in classical music, international business and information technology, Audun Utengen brings a unique combination of traits to the healthcare industry. As a Co-founder of Symplur, LLC and “The Healthcare Hashtag Project“, Audun together with his colleagues pioneered the field of healthcare social media analytics. His formal education includes a BSc in International Marketing from Norway and China, and a MBA from the U.S. He is now developing proprietary tools and algorithms providing real-time insights based on social health big data.


Jamie Tripp Utitus - blogger ePatient

Jamie Tripp Utitus is a Multiple Sclerosis survivor and thriver and international MS blogger. She's also the author of Zoe Bowie Sings, Despite All Sad Things, a children's book about a young girl whose mother is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis shortly after the birth of her  baby brother, Meatball.  Jamie and her illustrator, Johnny J. Keane, started the project after noticing, through her dealings as Community Manager/Lead Blogger for communities like Real MS Voices and Unite MS that there was so much love attached to people with MS, especially the children who are, quite often, these little brilliant, crafty, caregivers. Ms. Tripp Utitus is also the author of the MS blog, turning book, Ugly Like Me. In addition to her projects with international social media MS communities, and as an author, she is also the owner of Twilight Social Media. But mostly, she's just a wife and mother who happens to have MS.



Twitter: @gvallancien

Guy Vallancien - EEC

Urologist and surgeon,  professor at  Université Paris Descartes, cancer specialist, consultant at Institut  Montsouris. Member of the French National Academy of Surgery, correspondent of the French National Academy of Medicine, former general secretary of the French Urology Association, former treasurer of the International Urology Society. Author  of 300 scientific publications. Founder and president of the European School of Surgery  (2001), of the Convention on Health Analysis and Management (CHAM) 2009. Founder and member of the Cercle Santé Société (2006). Chargé de mission and rapporteur at the French Ministry of Health (2002-2012).

Twitter: @DrVarlet

Vincent Varlet - Novartis

Emergency Doctor and MBA graduate, Vincent Varlet is both  Executive Director for Marketing and Communication at Novartis Pharma in France, and a volunteer for causes relating to children with chronic conditions. Vincent promotes  innovative communication that will enhance the dissemination of information regarding  the quality of life and physician-patient relationships. Since the mid-90s, he became involved in new technologies in multi-channel communication, paving the way for innovation in a conservative pharmaceutical industry.
Ylann Wajsbrot

Ylann Wajsbrot - Kosmo LLC

Ylann Wajsbrot is the fonder of KOSMO LLC. After graduating from a  top tier French business school, he has been working as a data scientist at Google and Blinkx in Ireland and New York. A fan of quantified self device in sport, he believes smart connected devices can help people quit addiction. Since 2013, with a team of expert in electronic and software, he has been developing KOSMO to track smoking habits, reach a goal and share progress on the road to quitting.


Thierry Weber

Thierry Weber - Vivactis Group

Dr Thierry Weber is Partner of Vivactis Group, a European medical communications agency. Thierry holds a degree and a doctorate in medicine. For several years, he worked as a physician in various hospitals (Switzerland and South Africa). He then had the opportunity to join the pharmaceutical industry, before moving on to the medtech sector. Further to his industry experience, Thierry joined the agency world, by becoming partner of Vivactis Group. He presently lives in Switzerland, in the “Bioalps” area and acts as marketing advisor for small lifesciences companies. Thierry is passionate about healthcare communications and new media.


Michael A. Weiss - HospitalPatient.com

Michael A. Weiss, Esq., MBA is a “Professional Patient,” by virtue of his 30-year battle with the chronic, auto-immune and incurable Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), “Crohn’s Disease.”  He is a Crohn’s Disease/chronic illness patient expert, author of the critically-acclaimed book, “Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient” and a globally featured multi-media medical/healthcare journalist as demonstrated by his popular Blog located at HospitalPatient.com. Mr. Weiss recently created a Charitable Foundation, the “Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol,” which is a global Patient-to-Patient “Support” network for people struggling with various forms of IBD.


erik-profielfoto-klein-zwart-wit-zonder-logo copy

Twitter: @ErikDigiredo

Erik van der Zijden - Synappz Medical Apps

Erik van der Zijden is an entrepeneur, marketing professional, new media evangelist and autodidactic techno-geek. He co-founded DigiRedo where he reinvents communication between people and organizations using digital technologies, and Synappz Medical Apps, a network company advising, developing and marketing mobile apps for life sciences and healthcare. Before his activities in the world of innovation and new media Erik worked in various international sales and marketing functions within the pharmaceutical world. Erik holds an MBA and two bachelor degrees, one in Biomedical Sciences and one in International Management.