New: The 2020 Calendar Where Patient Associations Bare All #NothingToHide

2020 Calendar: 12 Patient Associations Bare All

Support 12 French patient associations by purchasing this 2020 calendar in which they have taken on the challenge to bare all, one association per month.

The calendar is a huge success with lots of media coverage in France. At Doctors 2.0 & You, we are partners with the people involved in this operation and thought that our many international friends should have the opportunity to hear about it and hopefully order one, since all donations go to the participating associations. Read on to learn more.

While the body is  something we are born with, many people lose confidence in theirs some time in their childhood or adolescence. They feel that some aspect of their physique is “not good enough.” We know the harmful consequences of “body-shaming.”

Now imagine that your body is concerned by a medical condition or treatment that leads people in your environment to consider you as “different” or even inferior.

In Paris, France,  Claude Touche of EveDrug,  a start-up founder and friend came up with a fantastic idea: a year 2020 patient association calendar, to be launched at the 30th edition of the French Festival of Health Communication. In this calendar, 12 patient associations, one per month, would “own” their condition, by baring all. For the execution, he turned to Stéphanie Chevrel et Gaël de Vaumas, co-founders of a French webtv Acteurs de Santé, who chose photographer Nathalie Oundjian.

Please click for the order form in English! It’s 20 euros for a good cause.

With Best Regards for 2020 from Denise Silber

patient calendar for 2020

                                                        the 2020 calendar cover

                                                           the 12 Patient Associations who share the months of the year on the calendar