About the 2014 Agenda of Doctors 2.0 & You :
                  30 + hours of programming in Two Days
We have received great feedback regarding our agenda structure, from the get-go. The first day is devoted to participants’ choice of incredible parallel sessions, where there is time to really dig in and discuss with the speakers. Workshops are designed to interest patients, physicians, tech people, pharma, payers, government. Attendees also  visit with the demo-ers and exhibitors, poster sessions and contest, the start-up contest, and at the end of it all, everyone enjoys a networking cocktail. The second day is the amazing plenary where speakers engage with the audience in a variety of formats: solos, duets, trios, quartets. Networking continues through the day in the exhibit hall.

The details of the agenda are in progress. Just to begin to give you an idea, here below are a few words  about some of  the confirmed speakers. We are still accepting applications and therefore working on the preliminary agenda. But here are some highlights, by alphabetical order.

In 2014, participants will meet: Dr Larry Chu (USA), organizer of our sister conference, Stanford Medicine X, Pr Luc Colemont (Belgium), who is fighting to “Stop Cancer”through the use of innovative social media campaigns, David Doherty (Ireland) co-founder of 3GDoctor whose mobile consultations are booming and who will speak about the latest in mHealth, Angel Gonzalez, (Spain) founder  of the amazing Ideagoras with concrete examples from Spain and globally, Tiantian Li (China) whose physician community uses social media to link pharma and physicians, Dr Berci Mesko (Hungary), the most connected physician in Europe and founder of Webicina,  Jasper Nyholm (Denmark) with Sport Danmark, an organization that is part of the Danish Olympic Team , who will present results of a successful quantified self program, Michael Seres (UK), ePatient, NHS advisor and entrepreneur,   Denise Silber (Fr) Doctors 2.0 & You conference founder and social media strategist, Dr Marlies Schijvens, one of Europe’s earliest Google Glass surgeons and creator of an award-winning mobile app, Jamie Tripp Utitis (US), ePatient and MS community organizer, Dr Vincent Varlet, Novartis (Fr) with the results of an exciting new, global quantified self project….

2014 1st Speakers