Recorded Live Jan 30, 2013 Mobile Health Webinar from Doctors 2.0 & You & pharmaphorum #doctors20 #mobilehealth

What do mobile apps for healthcare mean for patients, professionals, pharma, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders?

Listen to the exciting 60 minute discussion organized by Denise Silber of Doctors 2.0 & You and  Dr Paul Tunnah, pharmaphorum with the participation of Doctors 2.0 & You speakers,  Kerry Sparling  (SixUntilMe), Dr Berci Mesko (Webicina), Dr Erich Taubert (awardwinner of the 2012 start-up contest)

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 5.47.29 PM

Left to right: Berci, Denise, Kerry, Erich, Paul

“Mobile apps for health mean back to basics:   What need is the app filling? How can we ensure good quality?  How do we build long-term interest into the app itself for the user? These are the key questions we discuss during the webinar with wonderful moderation by Paul “ Denise Silber

Dr Paul Tunnah, who was moderating the webinar, described it as “a fascinating insight into how mobile apps are changing healthcare and the role for pharma in their development, with direct contribution from an expert patient, two well known physicians and a leader in the digital healthcare space”

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