Thank the MedStartr Contributors, Helping Patients Travel to Paris for Doctors 2.0 & You

For the first time, and because MedStartr didn’t exist in time for our previous conferences, Doctors 2.0 & You is medstartr logocalling upon the MedStartr platform to crowdsource travel for ePatients to Paris (June 6-7, 2013).  Of course, patients attend the conference for free, but they also need to be able to get there and find lodging. So, thanks to MedStartr, the number of patient scholars will increase!

We’ll be thanking the contributors as they appear. And so far we have,

  • MedStartr  – Thank you Alex Fair.
  • Nick Dawson, (USA), our social media friend from the hospital universe.
  • Janine Budding (Netherlands), our dynamic Dutch ambassador and editor in chief of MedicalFacts.
  • Dr Jennifer Dyer (USA), creator of EndoGoddess and previous Doctors 2.0 & You speaker
  • Kathy Nieder (USA), family practitioner and avid mHealth activist
  • Françoise Soros (France), kinotherapist, eHealth fan and long time supporter on Doctors 2.0 & You
  • Bruno Michelon (France), former Ob-Gyn head of department in Parisian suburban hospital. Medical and technical advisor to Basil Strategies
  • Pat Mastors (USA), hospital patient advocate and Founder and CEO of The Patient Pod
  • Denise Silber (France/USA), President of Basil Strategies and founder of Doctors 2.0 & You

Doctors 2.0 & You: Alex, why did MedStartr contribute to our crowdfunding scholarship program on your platform?

Alex Fair:  “Our mission is to advance healthcare innovation to benefit patients everywhere. A medical conference that wants to include patients in the conversation with doctors is exactly the type of project we love to support, because from those enlightened, empowered conversations  we’ll see the practical improvements on the innovations that technologists are working on.


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